Electric Bassoon



This is an improv based on a composition by Paul Hanson.  All the melody is bassoon, even the parts that sound like electric guitar!!

Darkened Valley


This is an arrangement of a piano piece by John Ireland.  It was arranged by Martin Riley.

Purple Haze


Jimi Hendrix Classic!!

Extension (or perhaps the medium)

This is a solo classical contemporary piece was written by Henry Ng for me to play on the electric bassoon.  I have put together a few highlights for you to listen to as the original piece is approx. 8minutes long.  It uses Binaural technology to create the effect of the sound coming from 360 degrees.  Therefore it's best listened to on headphones.  The piece relies completely on delay lines and six speakers placed in a circle to create the soundworld.
To read a little more about the piece, look under 'the story so far' page or email me with your questions.